ExtraLives.org - The Fundraising Gaming Website!

A Website is Born...

After over a year of mulling over the idea of conducting video game marathons for charity, multiple hard drive reformats, gratuitous amounts of swearing and dozens of cups of coffee, I am pleased to announce the completion of ExtraLives.org, the Fundraising Gaming Website!

We aim to conduct video game Marathons, fending off sleep as long as possible, while broadcasting the ordeal live via Ustream. If you enjoy our program (or just like to support charity), we encourage you to donate! The ChipIn widget on the left of the site will send donations directly to the charity, so you can be assured the organization receives every cent.

Our first Marathon will occur sometime in late June. We plan to play through all the GameBoy Pokémon games as two teams. Both team's screens will be broadcasted simultaneously as each team tries to finish its set of games first. Click the banner above for more details! All proceeds raised will go to the Child's Play Charity.

If you have any suggestions for a Marathon, please post them on the forum here.


kool can't wait

no this whole idea will never work

I'm so proud of you

This will never become popular! It's going to die in a fire!

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