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Bootleg Bonanza Aftermath

As I'm sure you're all aware, we had a bit of a run in with a hurricane here on the East Coast during Marathon time. We started the Marathon around noon, Eastern Time on Friday and went until a little after midnight on Sunday Morning (so about 36 hours or so long). We lost power and cable around this time, rendering us unable to continue streaming (we couldn't even do what we tried during the April 1st update...)

If anyone was wondering what it was like, Rory Powers had a pretty accurate depiction of what we went through:



(Okay, maybe it wasn't quite THAT bad).

Anyway, during the time we were able to keep the Marathon up and running, we raised $3,350 for Free the Children. Now, we've never had a Marathon get cut short so severly before. The forecasts before the start of the Marathon projected Hurricane Irene hitting us around Sunday afternoon to evening, giving us at least 48 hours or so before we'd have to worry about packing it up.

Since the Marathon was cut so short, I'm sort of at a loss as to how we should handle things. Don't worry, all donations made made it to Free the Children as always and raffle winners will receive all the prizes they're owed. I'm wondering more along the lines of, "How should we handle the Bootleg Bonanza being only about half done?" So, we've got a few options here that I'd like you guys to consider and vote on:

Close the donations now and consider the Bootleg Bonanza Marathon to be essentially over. The donation total would remain at $3,350 and there would not be a part 2 to the Bootleg Bonanza.

Keep the donations open and have them be a part of a future Marathon. There will likely be another Marathon during Winter Break in December/January and we could allow the donations currently sent in to count for that Marathon. The upside to this is that we could have the donations go to a larger single project (like a schoolhouse). The downside is that we need to tell Free the Children not to use any of the donations for any famine-aid purposes and to set them aside for later.

Keep the donations open and use them for a continuation of the Bootleg Bonanza. We've got more bootlegged games we never touched and many more we could theoretically include if we picked up the Bootleg Bonanza idea again. This option would allow us to have a part 2 to the Bootleg Bonanza where we could finish up the list of games (and add more!). The donations from the recently ended Bootleg Bonanza would be added to whatever the part 2 raised, allowing donations to conceivably add to one larger project. Bootleg Bonanza Part 2 would be reasonably far along in the future (5-6 months or so?) so the donations made so far wouldn't be used by Free the Children until then.

If you guys have any other suggestions, we're open to hearing them! Send an email to Contact@ExtraLives.org if you had any strong feelings toward one choice or have something else entirely to suggest.

Sorry again for the abrupt ending to the Marathon! I suppose it should have been expected given the fact we were broadcasting in a hurricane, but it was still a little disappointing to have it die all the same. Thanks again for all of your support regardless and for helping us meet our $3,000 goal! Recordings are up on Twitch.tv right now so you can catch up on any of the Marathon that you missed.

I'm not sure when the next update will be so check out the ExtraLives Twitter feed for any news! Also, if you want to know what individual members of ExtraLives.org are up to, follow Jason's Twitter feed, check out American Steve's YouTube page or keep an eye on my Twitter feed and Justin.tv page!

Thanks again for all of your continued support!

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