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Bootleg Bonanza Announcement!

We here at ExtraLives.org love bootlegs. From Vietnamese Crystal to Pokemon Adventu, there's just something about bootlegged games that intrigues us. Whether it's laughing at God-awful translations or wondering how the programmers ever got away with such egregious gameplay faults, these games have a distinct charm.

What better way to exhibit this than with a Marathon full of bootlegged games?

But first, let's just get a working definition for what a bootlegged video game is. Bootlegged games...
-...incorperate copyrighted content from one or more sources in another game... 
-...are not officially authorized to be published or sold on any video game console... 
-...may represent attempts to bring games over from one console to another.

Of course, all of these bootlegged games are entirely unofficial. After all, what self-respecting game company would expect anyone to actually pay money for something like Pokemon Adventu? Usually these games are put together quickly with the intention to make a quick buck, though there exist quite a few surprisingly well-made bootlegged games out there.

With that said, we've got a working list of the bootlegged games we're looking to play for the upcoming Marathon.

-Super Mario World... on the NES!
-Pokemon Gold/Silver... but with an entirely new Engrish translation!
-Action 52 on the NES! Notorious for the quality of its 52 "games" and $200 price tag.
-Final Fantasy 7... but on the NES!
-Somari on the Famicom. Yes, that's a Mario-Sonic hybrid. No, I don't know what they were thinking.
-Pokemon Jade... AKA Keitai Denju Telefang, a Japan-only, Pokemon-inspired RPG commonly passed off as a new Pokemon adventure on the Game Boy!
-Kart Fighter! A NES game where you beat up your favorite Nintendo characters pre-Super Smash Bros.
-Bible Adventures on the NES! A video game about The Bible. And by "about The Bible," I mean, "barely related to The Bible."
-Super Noah's Ark 3D on the SNES! A game built on Wolfenstein 3D. Yes, that's the game about killing Nazis.
-Super Mario & Sonik 2 on the NES. If you thought Sonic '06 was horrid, you haven't seen anything yet.
-Pokemon Stadium on the Genesis. Now if only it had the over-the-top announcer...

Now there exist dramatically more bootlegged games than those on our list. Many of those not on the list, however, have only one or two defining features that makes them unique. Some have very repetitive gameplay, awful music, a cheesy title screen or hilarious spritework (the number of games that have Mario's head placed on another character's body is mind-boggling). While we'd rather not devote a large amount of time to games like that, we still feel they're worth exhibiting.

We'll have multiple periods set aside between games for "Bootleg Grab-bags" where we can show off those games. Each of these periods will last a few hours each during which we'll go through a large list of bootlegged games quickly. They'll all be related by theme (Mario Bootlegs, Sonic Bootlegs, Pokemon Bootlegs, etc). They're too numerous to list (bootleggers made "Mario World" games up to Mario World 16), so you'll have to tune in to see what exactly we have in store.

Apologies for the short notice, but we're looking to hold this fundraiser starting Friday, August 26th. Yes, that's in about a week and a half! We're looking to hold one last fundraiser before we all ship off back to college. It may not be as long as most of them usually are, but it should be at least between 48 and 72 hours of nonstop gaming.

Donations will go to (our favorite charity), Free the Children. Although we always try to raise at least $8,500 to build a schoolhouse through Free the Children, I understand the end of August is a busy time for many of you. In the event that the fundraiser doesn't raise enough to build a schoolhouse, we're thinking of having the donations go toward famine-aid and irrigation projects in East Africa. The region is facing their worst drought in sixty years, resulting in a famine which has left tens of thousands dead.

One more thing-- given the "design" of these games, they don't all lend themselves to multi-screen races. For the games we won't be racing, we've got a new format we'd like to try out. Anyone who ever watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 will probably be instantly familiar with this format. Thanks to the magic of a webcam, green-screen and a little bit of chroma-keying magic, we'll actually show ourselves on the stream! Of course, we'll all be silhouettes (just like in Mystery Science Theater 3000), but we're hoping you guys enjoy this new, experimental format!

So, again, apoligies for the delay in getting the update up! Hopefully you guys will be able to tune in to the Marathon-- see you there!

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