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We've Got Banners!

Well, we issues a call for banners last Friday. Needless to say, you guys really bailed us out-- we got a bunch of submissions!

We picked our three favorite banners and the following people will be getting an ExtraLives.org T-shirt for their submission.

  ...by SabertoothLizzie  
  ...by Yannick  
  ...by Thomas  

Still, we had so many great banner entries that we're giving the following people 5 raffle entries (worth $25 in donations) to a T-shirt at the upcoming Marathon. Thanks again, guys!

  ...by MasterMo  
  ...by Marc  
  ...by Doeke  
  ...by EvilHom3r  
  ...by Matt  
  ...by James  

Thanks again, everyone! Hope to see you all this Friday at noon!

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