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Our First Marathon: A Success!

We started this Marathon not knowing what to expect. Up until we went live, this website averaged maybe a dozen hits a day (most of which were from Chinese search site spiders and don't really count). We expected maybe a dozen or so people would watch at any one time and feared that there'd be periods where nobody was watching at all.

Forty hours later, all of our fears were put to rest. Our initial goal was to raise $500. Thanks to all you guys, we met that goal less than halfway through the Marathon. Your continued generosity resulted in us raising more than $1000 for charity overall. Throughout the broadcast, 10,838 people (from more than 60 countries) tuned in to watch and there was an average of about 150 people watching at any one time. In fact, when put together, all of you watched us a total of 5,713 hours and 13 minutes (that's more than 238 days!).

Mark Your Calendars... Again!

Due to some scheduling issues, the first Marathon has been pushed back to Tuesday, June 23rd at 12PM (UTC -4, because we're in the Eastern Time Zone). Apologies for it falling on a weekday, but a few things cropped up and the original date (June 19th) just wasn't feasible. Having the Marathons during the week is not something we plan to make a habit of, but if we wanted to hold it in June, we had no other options!

Help us arrange dates for future Marathons by participating in our poll on the right!

Now, we've got the challenge of getting the word out. Help us by spreading the word about ExtraLives.org by whatever means necessary (just don't spam the link-- nobody likes a spammer). The more people who visit, the more successful the Marathon will be!

(Plus, our forums are quite lonely as of late... why not go and post?)

A Website is Born...

After over a year of mulling over the idea of conducting video game marathons for charity, multiple hard drive reformats, gratuitous amounts of swearing and dozens of cups of coffee, I am pleased to announce the completion of ExtraLives.org, the Fundraising Gaming Website!

We aim to conduct video game Marathons, fending off sleep as long as possible, while broadcasting the ordeal live via Ustream. If you enjoy our program (or just like to support charity), we encourage you to donate! The ChipIn widget on the left of the site will send donations directly to the charity, so you can be assured the organization receives every cent.

Our first Marathon will occur sometime in late June. We plan to play through all the GameBoy Pokémon games as two teams. Both team's screens will be broadcasted simultaneously as each team tries to finish its set of games first. Click the banner above for more details! All proceeds raised will go to the Child's Play Charity.

If you have any suggestions for a Marathon, please post them on the forum here.