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New Website, New Marathon, New ExtraLives.org!

Hey! Remember us? No, you didn't end up on the wrong website-- welcome to the brand new face of ExtraLives.org, The Fundraising Gaming Website! We owe this new redesign to Toby of GameToAid.org who lovingly (and very patiently, considering the many dozens of emails I flooded him with) built the site from the ground up from a concept image I doodled close to a year ago. Given that the old website design was virtually unchanged from the earliest designs I whipped up back in March of 2008, it was definitely time for a change.

Tables go here, there and everywhere.

ExtraLives.org-- too cool for lorem ipsum.

While there are still a few things that this new design needs (mostly carrying over and fleshing out the tabs and old Marathon pages), the new site has a bunch of great new additions, including...

  • A Marathon page stream and chatroom switcher-- switch between Ustream chat and video, Twitch.tv chat and video or any combination of the two.
  • Automatic fanart uploading and gallery making-- you'll never need to wait years a while for me to manually upload Marathon fanart.
  • An actual article commenting system-- gone is that half-baked system of having to post comments on the forum.
  • Multiple pages of articles-- the old site never had more than three or four news posts up at a time. Now you can go all the way back to the first update ever.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons-- we're finally stepping into this crazy Web 2.0 world.

...and a whole bunch of other great little features that help keep everything prettier and dramatically more organized. Compare it against the original design, kept uploaded for posterity here.

And hey, even the forums got a redesign-- we had to move on from the default phpBB3 theme eventually.

But what good is a snazzy new site without some new content? Well, we've got that covered too. It's been entirely too long since we last had a Marathon-- let's fix that. I'm sure you guys noticed that fantastic new banner at the top of the page (made by Jyn, Twitter/Tumblr). We're having another Zelda Marathon scheduled to begin in just two weeks, starting Friday, June 8th at noon, Eastern Time. Check the Marathon page for more details. We'll be raising money again for Free the Children, a charity devoted to improving the lives of children in developing nations. With $8,500 in donations, Free the Children is able to construct a schoolhouse in a developing nation which goes a long way to improving the quality of a child's life. Let's build that school!

Apologies that the Marathon announcement was made on such short notice-- been busy with finals and making sure everything was ready to be rolled out. We're going to need your help now more than ever to get the word out and tell everyone about our upcoming fundraiser.

As always, I need to thank you guys for your unceasing support. Since our earliest fundraisers in 2009, your continued generosity and enthusiasm has blown us away time and time again. We hope to see you all at the upcoming Marathon!



Marathons are yay.

Can't wait. Just think, you've raised $78,177.40 as of writing this comment. If you just make $21822.60, you will have raised one hundred thousand dollars. Of course, the goal is only $5000, so it's a bit of a stretch. But who knows? Also, first.

Thank you so much Tim for putting the marathon after school ends for me now I can watch the whole thing with out sleeping :D

Great job on the site, Toby and Tim! Can't wait to play in this marathon. :D It's been far too long.

YEAH! This will be awesomely fun and stuff. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it for the start of the marathon with work and all, but I'll be able to join in around 3 hours in. Can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans we can have this time around!

Yessss it's about time because the time is the money.

Yes, the number one thing your marathons needed was a quick way for us to all see the fanart that you're always talking about. Great!

Woohoo! Site looks great and marathons are awesome! Can't wait! :D

Is there a way to subscribe to news posts using a rss reader? I think it's a feature the new site should have.

Thanks for reminding me. There is one, I just never posted a link to it anywhere yet. http://extralives.org/rss.xml

The site looks great, it definitely needed a refresh! Can't wait for the marathon, its been so long!

I really can't wait for this guys. Welcome back and cheers to another marathon! Hope it's just as if not more successful than the original Zeldathon that brought me to this wonderful community here at ExtraLives.

Wow the new site looks great! Looking forward to Friday.

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