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We Need Banners ASAP!

Something was missing from this Marathon announcement: a call for banners! We need some-- badly! The Marathon is a little more than a week away and we're still rocking the Mop-Up Marathon artwork. As great as those banners may be, we need something to reflect the Bootleg Bonanza.

The deadline for these banners is this Sunday at 11:59PM. I realize that this only gives you guys a few days to work on the banners. However, we've got a gift for a few of you guys who make banners: ExtraLives.org T-shirts! We'll take three of our favorite banners from these submissions and give you three guys a T-shirt, no questions asked. Consider it to be our thanks for bailing us out at the last minute.

Okay, as always, here is the criteria for the banners:

  • We need two versions! A bigger one for the Marathon's page (640px × 200px) and a smaller version for general use (500px x 157px). This should just be two sizes of the same banner.
  • The banner should include images related to bootlegged video games.This can include screenshots of the games, artwork on the cartridges or imitating certain characteristics of bootlegged games (bad english, awful spritework, etc). Check here for resources or inspiration.
  • Include the text "Bootleg Bonanza" somewhere on the banner. This should be big and easily legible. No other text is needed. The way the text is formatted and if the word "Marathon" is included is up to you.
  • If you have a different idea for a banner, clear it with me first at Tim@ExtraLives.org before you go ahead with making it.
  • I'd appreciate if I could get the banners by 11:59PM (Eastern Time) on Sunday, August 21st. 

Send all banners to Tim@ExtraLives.org.

Thanks again to anyone who makes us a banner-- we really need them!

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